Partnerships with the Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance is a detailed process and we have a standard which we maintain closely. In order to become a Training Partner in the Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance there is a specific application process.

Please see below for the Training Partner application process:

1. The applicant must submit their request to join the Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance in writing, with an attached PDF bio to:

2. The applicant must be a proven and ethical training group or service provider in the public safety sector. Not in competition with any other company in Tips Canada.

3. The applicant must have a proven track-record of training programs and/or in providing services in the public safety sector.

4. A board member will then be appointed to review your application, and then reporting back to the board of directors with their report. This board appointed person will speak to your references and determine that you are a good candidate for the Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance.

5. At this time, you will be asked to read and sign three documents:

• Tips Canada’s “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA)
• Tips Canada’s “Letter of Ethical Standards”; and,
• Tips Canada’s “Letter of Consent”, giving Tips Canada your permission, in writing, to complete our legal due diligence about you and your application.

6. Once Step 5 is complete and Tips Canada has completed their due diligence, and if we are still interested in proceeding with your Application, we will contact you in writing with three (03) dates and times to setup a meeting at your corporate centre for an official interview. If we are not going to continue with your application, you will be notified in writing.

7. During your interview, the applicant will be required to meet with selected members of the TIPS Corporate Team. The applicant should be prepared to give our team member a tour of your location, so that we can validate that your location is a suitable company for our Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance.

8. Once the interview is completed, the attending Tips Canada member will go over the completed documentation with the applicant to complete any final documentation or signatures to complete your application.

9. The Tips Canada Advisory Committee will then review your completed application with our investigations report and assign Tips Staff Members comments to determine our approval or refusal of your application, at which time you will be notified in writing with our final decision.

Please note: The full process can take up to a maximum of 30-days to complete and this must be completed in entirety before an offer to join the Tips Canada – Public Safety Alliance is finalized.